A new journey begins...

They say that the only impossible journey is the one that never begins.


We are the Castellano family, and we are thrilled to bring to you our family business—Pulirr.


Pulirr was born because we have always taken pleasure in serving others, whether is for a fee as a business, or for hugs in our personal life. Service is what many communities lack. Service is what brings neighbors together. Service is what drives hatred away. Service is one of the elements of love, and a must-do if we want to love one another as we have been taught. It pierces through the thickest of skins and through the hardest of hearts.


There are very few things more fitting for a family that loves service than starting a company fully based on serving others. This is the reason we started Pulirr. We hope you’ll let our family serve yours.


Established May 2022.


Mario, Stella & Italia Castellano.

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