Introducing: Laundry services

Our business is growing! We are continuing to add more services to our homeowner platform! Our next service is laundry!

Our Laundry Package takes care of your laundry when life gets too busy or if you simply don't want to deal with it! 

Package includes: Washing and folding clothes, linens, or blankets. Items will be folded and placed in same container provided by customer. 

Package does not include: Removing stains, dry cleaning services, washing items stained with hazardous chemicals (e.g. oil, gasoline, etc..), washing special care items (e.g. minky blankets, expensive bedding, silk items, wool, cashmere), and washing items worth more than $150.

We aim for this service to have a 24-hour turnaround. Laundry will be delivered within this timeframe.


This has been an exciting service to add and we will continue to add more!

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