Add-ons can be added when selecting a service package.

Washing/Folding Laundry

Includes up to 2 loads of laundry (washing and drying). 


Wall Cleaning

Includes detailed cleaning of spots/stains on wall(s).

Starting at $32

Window blinds cleaning, window blinds, window cleaning, home cleaning
Cleaning Blinds

Includes cleaning all the blinds in the house.

Starting at $40


Sometimes life can get very busy and things can build up. We get it and we are here to help you get back in control. We offer a decluttering service that will leave your house very organized and spotless.


Kitchen Cleaning, home cleaning, add-on, second kitchen, basement kitchen
Additional Kitchen

This add-on is for homes that have 2 or more kitchens. Our packages are limited to 1 kitchen, but if your house has 2 or more kitchens, you may purchase this add-on so we can take care of those as well!


Clean Microwave

Sometimes we forget to put a cover over the spaghetti we are reheating from last night. This is perfect to add for such occasion!

Starting at $20

Clean Inside Oven

This add-on includes cleaning inside oven to remove tough grease marks. We will leave you oven like brand new!


Clean Inside Cabinets

This add-on includes cleaning inside cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms.


Steam Clothes

This add-on is exclusive to the Laundry Package. Steaming is the fastest and most efficient way for your items to look wrinkle free! 


Clean inside fridge

This add-on includes cleaning inside fridge. We guarantee leaving it like new or we will refund the add-on to the original payment method. Our guarantee excludes any damages and permanent stains.


Cleaning Pet Waste

Sometimes our furry family members have accidents inside the house. We can help! This add-on includes cleaning pet waste, such cleaning a litter box or an accident on the carpet. The add-on is limited to one dropping or one litter box and includes picking up, disinfecting, odor treatment, and stain removal.


Watering Plants

This add-on is perfect for homeowners that have plants in their house. It includes all the plants inside your home.


Add-ons for short-term rentals

STR Unit Laundry

This add-on is to include the washing/drying of bed linens & towels. Add-on is limited to 2 loads (2 washings/ 2 dryings). If you would like extra loads of laundry done, see more details.

Starting at $25.00

Replenish Essentials

This add-on allows us to bring new inventory into the unit, which includes toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap. Not needed if unit already has supplies. See more details